Thursday, March 13, 2008

Updating the blog

As noted from the Lapham Net New we have indeed moved. Superbowl Sunday was our first night. We have progessed daily since then. We have the guest bedroom to paint and install the wood floor, finish the closets and paint the laundry room. Downstairs we have to paint, but is completed. And still some this and thats.

The last 2 days here have been wonderful, 70s with a delightful breeze. We have worked outside
landscaping or getting the ground ready to plant. I planted 150 bulbs by Vermont standards, they were to be planted here by December but that wasn't happening. I finished painted outside today the areas I didn't get done before. Then I graded the driveway with the rental machine and moved dirt all afternoon till 630 tonight.

Rain is forecasted for next 3 days so its back inside. We are almost there, well aleast for the initial phase, I am sure we will be busy with something around here. I will include pictures of the finished product when all is complete. Good night, from Kentucky

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Light at the end of tunnel

The new post shows where and what we have been doing since the last post. With just the two of us, the days are long and the daylight short. There seems to be a light at the end of tunnel. We have drywalled, taped and mudded, ready for final coat when the weather permits. Temps now in 30 most nights and it takes till the afternoon to warm the area. The HVAC system is installed and ready. All electrical outlets are installed upstairs and rough=in of the cellar is complete. We will start the final sanding of the walls and ceilings concentrating on the kitchen area. They need to be done first for the final plumbing inspection. So it painting, flooring cabinets, counters and on and on!!!! The sunset picture said it all, its another wrap from project house!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Autumn has come to Kentucky, at least every other day. Top 2 pictures are taken off the front porch. The trees are changing either from stress of the drought, or nature. I am told its "too early" but seems right on time by our New England standards.

We have completed most of the outside work, except for the garage door. The wiring is done upstairs and passed inspection. I have completed two bedrooms of insulation, while Pete puts wire downstairs, and Dad "hard wires" into the panel. The other picture shows the porch, which we stained and urethaned with spar. It looks awesome!!! A little more finish work and the enclosure of screen will complete our favorite space.

Thats the news from Kentucky.........

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The completion of the cellar stairs was a major feat. As they said ,"third time is the charm". Thats our motto. The utilities were installed this week. Electric though temp on pole, its power. The rough in on plumbing is done, and thats another story, is being inspected tomorrow . All doors are now in, we are ready for the floods. The front wall which we left open for light is enclosed.

As the days are drawing closer to the 22nd, I am shifting my attention to wedding details. Pete and Rye will attempt the deck and siding. Thats the wrap for this week. OH!!! forgot to mention it rained all day here today. Awww cooler temps and end of some of the dust!!!!
. front wall