Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today was a day to divide and conquor. Ryan, Jon and Charlie went to work on the stairs. Pete started and finished phase 2 of the roof. Tomorrow AM the singles. I started pulling wire in the livingroom and bedrooms. As you can see the wrap is on and it was 95 outside and 110 inside. I guess I'll just bottle it for winter. If it snowed tomorrow it would not hurt my feelings.
We also installed the double window on front. Inch by inch, nail by nail we get closer to HOME!!!

Divide and Conqueor

Friday, August 24, 2007

The roof is just about sheeted now, the heat wave continues unabated making progress painfully slooooow. The forecast is for slightly lower temps starting tomorrow, so hopefuly we can pick up the pace

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sorry tryed to label each picture but duh....can't figure out how.

More interior

The Foreman and operator

The interior

Yahooo.....eeeee the in and out of a house!!!!!! Walls

Well its 11:35 central time here and 97 degrees. All the exterior and interior walls are in place and nailed!!!! We are waiting on the deliver of the bamboo this afternoon. (of course this afternoon at 100 plus temps , could we have it any other way. We are taking the afternoon to go play in water on the boat and tube that Rye conned off a friend of Jon's.

The pictures show the finished walls except for the front which for time being is left open for easy access to items in cellar. We are moving on up, truss in the morning (oh joy). Damn scary for us groundhogs. Dad is downstairs in shop preparing the walls for the stairs, in air conditioning, and transportation later on the George Jones mobile. (cub cadet and trailer) his mode of transportation. Thats the news for now.........J

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Setting the walls (or Flying the walls.)

Today we accomplished setting half the walls, and 2 interior walls. The thought was if we completed the entire exterior it would be harder to "airlift" the interiors, according to the head forman of job. The joly old soul in the chair.

The temperture continues to be in high 90's with the humidity. Tomorrow 100 and Thursday 101!!!!!!
What a wonderful thing to have Rye here operating the "big tonka toys." He has done a great job and grampa Andrews would be very proud of him. Enjoy the pictures and the cooler temps of Vermont and New York. Its bed time here......

Getting the walls organized

Monday was a day of finishing the decking and getting ready for today........The next phase of setting the walls.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Floor joints and decking

After a nerve racking day Wednesday and 102 tempertures and near 100% humidity we were able to unload the house from the was absolute HELL!!!!!! Thanks to some guys I had hired (which turned out to be angels) purely by luck, placing an ad on local internet site for country radio station. Thanks again Jimmy, Charlene, Tony, Carl, and Earl...Rye the bobcat operator and my loving son, Alf and I. Heat sick and nervous tension we finished after 9 hours. Truely the worst day....we took Thursday off, another day of sizzling heat of over 100 and heat index at 106.

As the pictures show we have the garage area joints and decking on. Some minor set-back with the stair area joints we are on track again. This week tempertures again are predicted for high 90 into the 100's. Hotest August since 1999, figures doesn't it!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

3 days-3 walls from floor to top of walls

As we are all familair with the 1960's show "Green Acres", the carpenters names were Ralph the female and Alf the male...well Alf and I have completed phase one of the house. Rising daily for the last 3 days at 5am and working till 1230 we did it and beat the heat except for last 2 and 1/2 hours. Whew!!!! Green Mountain coffee to jump start us and Gaterade to keep us revived.

We also purchased a 36 inch fan, and refer to it as our Kentucky primitive air conditioning. Thank you "John Deere."

Also a special thank you to Ken Allen a very close family friend who gave Alf and I a wonderful

power miter saw. What a god-sent!!!!! I will have a gorgeous tan for the wedding, and Alf will have a wonderful sun-burn. Damn that red hair!!!!